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We believe that cross-border opportunities for startups are enormous. That is why we help them to move beyond borders to find fresh ideas, new markets, investors, and business opportunities.  In doing so we act as a trusted strategic partner that helps to start and develop business in Asia.

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b. - team


We celebrate diversity and constant pursuing of one's true personal mission. Over the last 10 years we worked with 60 different nationalities in 15 countries in 4 continents. And we leverage our network and experience to build global businesses.

c. - markets


We are connecting hubs like Moscow, Tallinn, Minsk with Asian centers like Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai or Jakarta. Helping entrepreneurs to get the most from such connections.

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8 Claymore Hill

Singapore, 229572




We are based in Singapore. Come and talk to us if you are around.


Teleport Ventures by N5

Singapore, 2018